The Create

I went home to see the scarlet sky
The sense boiled over that I couldn’t cry
I were alone, walking whiffing the gift of God, in a way to the place relief
In that way the twilight heated and made me felt in obvious lying shift

The luster radiate was perfectly ravishing
Then, I thought on the motherland and people who chewed
They made the earth crying in all of the century, and she wanted they’re gone
Yet, that’s impossible for her, because she lives to protect the mortals’ torn

Felt hard, I threw away that idea from my gray brain
I wanted to break the wonderful firmament although she had that rain
Therefore, I became powerless
One thousand one questions floated in my mind and less
The questions was very fool
And no piece of word besides ‘beautiful’,

I saved when snapped and aware there was a girl
She was getting closer and walking beside my thrill
I knew her well
She is also a great creature
We were taking conversations till we saw our separating juncture
When parted, I wanted to have together again with that creature

dfoe, 2004


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