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We are dreamers

No matter what we together

Taking granted and have injured

Fighting for what we believe


We are brothers

Within every bizarre muscles

Without the same blood bleeds

Wheeze but always keeps


We are rulers

But chained we rest

Making the world lined

Still we bond as Moslems

dfoe, 28/10/2009, 6.46 pm


Be More Patient

Posted in My Poem with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on June 8, 2009 by dfoenism

Please, think when the children cry

They need kisses from the moonlight

Giving them some sound of sleeps

Educating them needs prophecies of future

Forming their being is a must to our existence


The motherland gives them abhorrent back

How sad if we get the insight about it

Patient will make us eligible to face them

Patient will give them and us a chance

Reach our generous being

Reach the wisdom of time


To make them safe from the God divine

We had to be a good-patient-religious

Then shaping a good morals

Make a better future for Moslems indeed

dfoe, 2006